April’s Support Group Meeting

Nine caregivers met in person in the community room at First Congregational Church on Thursday April 13… more

Upcoming Forum – Help for Caregivers with Legal and Insurance Issues

This forum will inform caregivers about Medicare options and the importance of a power of attorney… more

Our New Caregiver Support Group Has Begun

On Monday, February 13th, our first monthly meeting of caregivers of loved ones suffering from dementia took place on Zoom… more

Happy New Year from CarePartners Initiative

The beginning of a New Year is considered a good time for reflection and making resolutions for the year ahead. Perhaps, reflecting on what we’ve accomplished the previous year, the state of our health and lives, and what we see for ourselves in the upcoming year… more

Memories of Seasons Past – Capturing the spirit of the season with family memories

CarePartners Initiative is delighted to inform you that our very own Erick Larson has been selected to serve on the board of The Village Movement California… more

Tips to Make Holidays More Enjoyable

Holidays can be challenging for families affected by Alzheimer’s. Try these tips to make the holidays easier… more

The Benefits of Support Groups

For people caring for loved ones with cognitive decline, support groups are vital for the caregiver… more

Exercising When Caring for Someone Else

If you are like most of us, getting your daily dose of exercise can be a challenge… more

Food For Health

Food plays the most vital role in cognitive health… more

Caregivers Need More Sleep

Do you struggle getting to sleep, or getting back to sleep? This month’s newsletter provides suggestions for how to improve your sleep… more

It Is Time to End Isolation and Socialize Again

This month’s newsletter is filled with tips on how to prepare to re-enter the world… more

Stress and What to Do About It

This month our feature article addresses stress and what to do about it to improve our physical, mental, and cognitive health… more

Celebrating National Caregivers Day

National Caregivers Day is celebrated every third Friday in February, when we take time to appreciate and celebrate the contributions of caregivers… more

Living In The Moment – COVID-19 Resources and more

Karen Stobbe-Carter and her team at “In the Moment” have created some wonderful COVID-19 resources for this difficult time read… more

The Promise of Clinical Trials

Without clinical trials, there can be no better treatments, no prevention and no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. In this newsletter we seek to educate our community and share ways that all of us can participate in valuable research… more

Launch of Our New Website

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website. Please take a few minutes now to visit carepartnersinitiative.org and join our community and stay informed… more

Self Care for Caregivers

We understand that caring for a loved one experiencing cognitive decline is always challenging, but particularly more so when established routines are broken and professional, familial and community support is limited or restricted . . .The result is even more stress than usual for caregivers… more

Ensuring Safety at Home

With everyone spending so much more time at home these days, we thought it timely to explore how home environments can be made safer for individuals experiencing cognitive decline… more

COVID-19 Advice for Caregivers

We asked our board member Dr. Patricia Brooks, who is a licensed clinical social worker, holds a PhD in Healing Psychology and Integrative Medicine, and specializes in Mind/Body connection, what advice she would share with caregivers during SIP… more

Virtual Community Classes & Resources

We hope these resources help you with your daily therapeutic programs, during this time of uncertainty… more

Here is a list of Master List of Online Leisure Activities from the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

Resources for Challenging Times

How to feed, entertain, stimulate, comfort your loved one or client are all trying challenges right now. The coronavirus certainly has created changes in some (or all) of our routines… more

This newsletter is also available in Spanish: Recursos para Tiempos Desafiantes

Music and Memory

There is no greater joy than listening to favorite music with a loved one and seeing his or her senses reawaken and sharing the joy that is sparked. These connections are powerful and meaningful for both care partners… more