Stress Impact on Health, 26 min.

Ginger Schechter, MD

She is a board-certified internal medicine physician. Her work with the Veterans Administration as a physician and administrator offered her a unique under- standing of the connection between the mind, body, and spirit specific to each patient. Her current position is Chief Medical Officer of AffirmativHealth. 

Denise Kalos, MS
She was Vice President of Wellbeing Programs for the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. As the CEO of AffirmativHealth, she continues to raise awareness around alternative therapies for those at risk or living with memory loss/Alzheimer’s disease. She will serve on the Sonoma Valley Healthcare District Board. 

Family Dynamics & Challenges, 23 min.

Rev. James Thomas, PhD, D-Min 

He is a retired, licensed clinical psychologist and priest-in-charge at Trinity Episcopal Church in Sonoma. During his 48 years, a major part of his practice was helping families cope with the anger and frustration related to the emotional challenges associated with the responsibility of caring for family members. 

Caregiver Panel, 18 min.

  • Jim Keck
  • Helena Friedman
  • Jennifer Honig
  • Whitney Evans

Vendors, 29 min.

  • CarePartners Intiative
  • FISH
  • Cogir
  • Council on Aging
  • CenterWell
  • Vintage House