Our Mission

To increase awareness and support for Sonoma Valley families living with a member with dementia and other symptoms of memory loss, and to enable caregivers to better care for themselves and their loved one.

We fulfill our mission by connecting families with educational forums, activities, and support groups, and by providing care partners with valuable information and resources.

Our Goal

To improve the quality of life for both caregivers and care receivers in the Sonoma Valley and beyond.


Initiatives for Caregiver and Loved One

Social Activities
At least once a month CarePartners Initiative (CPI) organizes a social activity with a community resource.  A brown bag picnic lunch is ideal for socialization.  Transcendence Theater rehearsals and local musicians are examples.  Pets Lifeline and Sonoma Garden Park are favorite venues.

Memory Cafes
They are open for two hours once or twice a month with a goal of socialization as the focus.  The family caregiver or a friend must accompany a loved one.  Music, games, and art projects will provide enjoyment for both.  The plan is to have three locations in Sonoma Valley from Oakmont to Temelec.

Dementia Friendly Sonoma Valley
We are certified as part of the national movement, Dementia Friendly America. The goal is to make our community aware of our loved ones with dementia and how to care for them.  Police, firefighters, healthcare workers, restaurants, shops must understand, respect, support, and help our increasing dementia population.

Music Therapy
Led by the founder of Music Mends Minds and two local music therapists, the November 2023 Forum introduced this impactful therapy to both care partners.  The follow-up will be help to bring music into the lives of those suffering from dementia.

Community Service Projects
Once or twice a year, both care partners will participate in a community service project with a local church or nonprofit organization. Filling Christmas shoeboxes for the children who have an incarcerated parent would be an example. The goal is to provide a “sense of purpose” for both care partners.

Initiatives for Caregiver Only

Support Groups
CPI facilitators lead monthly support groups for caregivers.  Sharing both successes and challenges among caregivers results in feeling “I am not alone.”  Other support groups from Alzheimer’s Assoc. and other sources have specific targets.  Support for adult children helping a parent with dementia is an example.

Home Teams
The goal is to have each caregiver have a “coach” who is their primary resource for information on both support and services for their loved one and, of equal importance, for themselves.  Caregivers must take care of themselves in order to better care for their loved one.  When the coach becomes the “best friend” of the caregiver, the Home Team has a home run!

Educational Forums
Several times a year CPI hosts a forum on a major need or opportunity for caregivers.  Recent forums focused on stress management, legal and insurance issues, and music therapy.

Navigator Community Resources
A phone call to the CPI HelpLine, (707) 732-9436, with questions about in home caregivers, etc. is followed up by a navigator who connects the caller with local resources and contact information.  Follow up will confirm success.

Yes, we can learn to live with memory loss and enjoy a quality life.

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